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re: App: Mingmingthemonk

The application submitted by Mingmingthemonk is as follows:

Name : Mingming
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Aggramar
Level : 110
Gender : N/A
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Windwalker
Spec 2 : Mistweaver

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Are you applying as a raider or as a general member of the guild? If applying as member, feel free to put "N/A" in the questions about rotations, off-specs, logs, etc.:

Are you over 18?:

What server are you currently playing on?:

What is the name of your current guild and why are you leaving? :
Dark Wolf, looking to find a better raiding experience and non-toxic players.

Would you like to leave your battle tag so we can contact you easier? If so, do that here. If not, just respond with "no." You will need to check on your application frequently to answer questions that may be posted about logs, etc.:

Do you know someone in RotP? If so, who?:

Is the character you're adding to RotP your main?:

What are your expectations of RotP?:
Friendly environment

How many hours a week do you play?:
21+ hrs

What is your current equipped iLvl in your main spec?:

Tell us a little about your rotation and talent choices. We don't require 6 paragraphs here, but we would like to know if you understand why you're using "this" ability instead of "that" one.:
Main talents running as Windwalker are- Chi Wave, Tiger's Lust, Energizing Elixir, Leg Sweep, Healing Elixir, Hit Combo, and Serenity. For AoE fights i usually go with Whirling Dragon Punch instead of Serenity. I use tigers lust for more mobility during fights. Then i use Serenity because its better than any of the other talents for single target fights. I use Healing Elixir for extra heals if needed and leg sweep for stuns on trash pulls. I use Energizing elixir to keep energy up as often as possible and chi wave to do damage.

Do you use your offspec? If so, what is the iLvl for it and are you proficient with it?:
I hardy play mistweaver so its 865

What is your progression in this expansions raiding tiers?:
7/7H Emerald Nightmare

Our raid schedule will most likely be Tues/Wed (7-10 Server, 8-11 EST) for the foreseeable future. We require around 90% attendance, and do keep track. We DO understand emergencies happen, but in general, can you make those raid times?:

Please provide a link to logs here. This is very important to us mainly due to the fact it will show us how well you handle taking damage, proficiency with your spec, and yes - even damage/healing numbers. :
Cant find any atm

An armory and/or WoW Progress link would be handy. Put that here. :

Please post a link to a picture of your UI here. The screen shot will need to be during raid.:
Normal wow UI

While we are extremely keen on our members treating each other with respect, sometimes we go about this in a very non-PC manner. Do you believe yourself to be thick skinned and capable of dealing with people of wildly varying opinions?:

We won't require you to post ping times, or badger you about your PC. At this point it should be understood these things are unacceptable if not up to par. If your PC can't handle Mythic Raiding we reserve the right to remove you from the roster.

Thank you so much for your interest in RotP we look forward to seeing you in game!!

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re: DECLINED - App: Mingmingthemonk - by Muleface


Hey bud, glad to hear your interested in us. I am a bit scared that you have 0 logs, but it wouldn't be to much of a problem to get that for you (tbh I have just never seen it much before). Also we do require full flasks/food/pots/gems/enchants and the like, just so you know upfront. Lets chat and if everything seems on the up and up we can start looking into getting you a trial. I added you <HealsForLife#1785> just get a hold of me here or when I am on and we can see whats up.

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